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Story Archive (2015-2021) 

・Remaking Urban Space Through a Coworking Cafe

​・Dessert as Live Performance

​・A Tiny Gelateria with Big Flavors

・A Greengrocer Talks Supermarkets and the Future of Farming

・A Tokyo Café Dives Deep into the Musical Past

​・A Cafe that Nourishes Mind and Body

​・A Corporate Restaurant In Our Neighborhood

・A Cross-Cultural Friendship Begets a Neighborhood Restaurant

​・A Cafe that Doesn’t Waste its Past

・The Dilemmas of the Multigenerational Restaurant

・An Anglo-Irish Pub on the Chuo Line

・The Family Restaurant in Changing Times

​・A Supportive Community in Hard Times

​・Renewal: Tokyo Shopping Street in Transition (Part 2)

・Legacies: A Tokyo Shopping Street In Transition (Part 1)

・The Sushi Bar as Theater

・Tapioca Boom or Bubble? New Migrants Making Food Fashion

・A Family Creates a “Good Place” in Nishiogi

・A Café is a Creative Production

・A Beloved Izakaya Builds on Its Success

・Rediscovering Local Community in Nishiogi

・A Translocal Italian Restaurant in Tokyo

・A Successful Immigrant Entrepreneur in Nishiogi

​・From Berry to Bowl: The Education of a Soba Artisan

・An ‘Ate’s’ Home-style Filipino Cooking

・A Bar to Come Home to (Kogiku - 2)

・A Matsuri for Adults​

・A Neighborhood Bar with No Cultural Boundaries

・The Making of a Tokyo Bar Owner (Kogiku-1)

Good Atmosphere (And No Smoke) in This Classic Kissa 

A Cafe Where Cosmology and Organic Foodways Intersect

A Fukui Snow Tiger in Suburban Tokyo

Between Nouvelle Chinois and Machichūka

Bringing the Nepali Connection to Nishiogi

The "Last" Neighborhood Without a Starbucks

・“Boat-to-Chopsticks” Izakaya Cuisine in Nishiogi

・A Greek Village Tavern on a Tokyo Drinking Street

・Creating Cuisine and Raising Children in an Izakaya

・Sustaining French Cuisine in Neighborhood Tokyo

・The Nocturnal Wagashi Artisan

・Making Nishiogi: A Town in Between

The End of Tokyo’s “Neighborhood Chinese” Restaurants?

・Reflections of Punjab in a Japanese Window

・A Working Class Pub on the Chuo Line

・Nishiogi’s Secret Crayfish Base for Adults

・Producing a Multilayered Neighborhood Fusion Cuisine

・Husband and Wife Collaboration in a Small Bistro

・An Immigrant in the Alleyway Culinary Community

・A Taste of Cheju from an Immigrant Mother

・A Late-night Chinese Diner in Nishiogi

・A Mexican Restaurant with Roots in the 1970s

・A Café for Nocturnal Wanderers

・An Uzbekistan Wine Shop in Tokyo

・The French Restaurant as Culinary Cinema

・ An Asian Night Market in a Tokyo Drinking Street 

・ Culinary Fusion in a Rising Culinary Neighborhood

・ The French Restaurant that Defined Nishiogi

・ Mama-san Made by the Community

・The Three​ Principles of the Smoked Food Artisan

・A Bar Stool as Night School

・A Chinese Restaurant Mirrors a Generation of Immigrants

・Soba and Wine: Saving Food from the Foodies

・A Third Generation Taiwanese Restaurant

・A Bangladeshi Bar down Willow Alley

・Chicken Rice Dreams: Creating Ethnic Cuisine

・A Family Run "Neighborhood Chinese"

・"My Road" to South India

・A Bread Shop with a Past

・Reinventing Sake Tradition in Nishiogi

・From Ginsberg to Organic

Nishiogi Lovers Fest: Community Place Making

Looking to Hire a Mochi Maker! 

The Bagel Artisans of Tokyo

The Sharing Economy in Nishi-Ogikubo

・My Neighborhood Bistro

Community Building By and For the Elderly

A Taste of Multiple Migrations

"Bittersweet" Tastes of a Nishiogi Cafe

Couples-Night Mondays

“Nishiogi Donburi:” Writing the Community

A Tea Shop with Historic Flavor

A Place on the Chuo Line

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