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ABOUT Nishiogiology 西荻町学とは:

Livelihoods, Liveliness, Livability 生活、活気、居住性

Nishiogiology is a web-based research project on commercial foodways in the Tokyo neighborhood of Nishi-Ogikubo. Three keywords in this project are livelihoods, livability, and liveliness. They represent a set of broad questions about what makes a neighborhood a “good place” to work, to live and to play in times of economic stagnation, aging and many other challenges to life in Tokyo. As an approach to these open-ended questions, we are documenting the foodways of this Tokyo neighborhood, which is known for its owner-operated shops and a built environment on a human scale. The ongoing research documents restaurateurs, culinary artisans, shop owners, community activists, and other residents, and their challenges in providing for themselves, while also contributing to a lively and livable urban community through food. 


*This research is supported by the Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture, the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science and the Robert J. Myers Fund of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. The contents are the sole responsibility of the researchers and do not represent the ideas of the supporting agencies. The project leader is James Farrer, an urban sociologist teaching at Sophia University. 

Nishiogiology publishes our ethnographic stories. Academic articles can be downloaded here.





「何が町をいい場所にするのか?」という疑問から、高齢化や景気の停滞など、町が「経験」する様々な課題を明らかにしていくことを目的としています。 このはっきりとした答えがない疑問を探るべく、私たちは、ここ東京近郊のフードカルチャーをレポートしていきます。




このプロジェクトは上智大学比較文化研究所日本学術振興会 、そしてカーネギー国際関係論理協会の ロブトーJ.マイエルズ基金から協賛をいただいております。ただし、リサーチ内容に関しましてはリサーチャー独自の内容であり、協賛をいただいている団体とは一切関係ありません。プロジェクトリーダーは上智大学社会学教授ファーラー ・ジェームスです。


Core Members

James Farrer, Professor of Sociology, Nishiogiology Project Leader


Tong Liu for Nishiogiology
Mayuko Kawai, research assistant
Julia Kawashima Nishiogiology_edited.jpg
Chuanfei Wang for Nishiogiology
Erika Bulach for Nishiogiology
Jason Bartashius for Nishiogiology
Arisa Matsumura for Nishiogiology
Reina Kohyama for Nishiogiology
Sage Farrer, Translator
Amy Kamura
Mariya Yoshiyama Nishiogiology

*The Pink Elephant - ピンクの象

This is the second generation of Nishiogi's famous pink elephant. The third generation version now hangs from the ceiling of the small South Exit Arcade. It was proposed in the 1970s by the owner of the Nishiogi Gyoza shop, which is now closed. According to the veteran shopkeeper at the Aukland clothing store over which it hangs, the elephant was painted pink because that was the paint used for the lines on the arcade walkway below. Every September it was taken down and is paraded around the neighborhood in the Ogikubo Hachiman Shrine Festival. It is more than just a mascot, but treated like a neighborhood deity!



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