・A Corporate Restaurant In Our Neighborhood

・A Cross-Cultural Friendship Begets a Neighborhood Restaurant

​・A Cafe that Doesn’t Waste its Past

・The Dilemmas of the Multigenerational Restaurant

・An Anglo-Irish Pub on the Chuo Line

・The Family Restaurant in Changing Times

​・A Supportive Community in Hard Times

​・Renewal: Tokyo Shopping Street in Transition (Part 2)

・Legacies: A Tokyo Shopping Street In Transition (Part 1)

・The Sushi Bar as Theater

・Tapioca Boom or Bubble? New Migrants Making Food Fashion

・A Family Creates a “Good Place” in Nishiogi

・A Café is a Creative Production

・A Beloved Izakaya Builds on Its Success

・Rediscovering Local Community in Nishiogi

・A Translocal Italian Restaurant in Tokyo

・A Successful Immigrant Entrepreneur in Nishiogi

​・From Berry to Bowl: The Education of a Soba Artisan

・An ‘Ate’s’ Home-style Filipino Cooking

・A Bar to Come Home to (Kogiku - 2)

・A Matsuri for Adults​

・A Neighborhood Bar with No Cultural Boundaries

・The Making of a Tokyo Bar Owner (Kogiku-1)

Good Atmosphere (And No Smoke) in This Classic Kissa 

A Cafe Where Cosmology and Organic Foodways Intersect

A Fukui Snow Tiger in Suburban Tokyo

Between Nouvelle Chinois and Machichūka

Bringing the Nepali Connection to Nishiogi

The "Last" Neighborhood Without a Starbucks

・“Boat-to-Chopsticks” Izakaya Cuisine in Nishiogi

・A Greek Village Tavern on a Tokyo Drinking Street

・Creating Cuisine and Raising Children in an Izakaya

・Sustaining French Cuisine in Neighborhood Tokyo

・The Nocturnal Wagashi Artisan

・Making Nishiogi: A Town in Between

The End of Tokyo’s “Neighborhood Chinese” Restaurants?

・Reflections of Punjab in a Japanese Window

・A Working Class Pub on the Chuo Line

・Nishiogi’s Secret Crayfish Base for Adults

・Producing a Multilayered Neighborhood Fusion Cuisine

・Husband and Wife Collaboration in a Small Bistro

・An Immigrant in the Alleyway Culinary Community

・A Taste of Cheju from an Immigrant Mother

・A Late-night Chinese Diner in Nishiogi

・A Mexican Restaurant with Roots in the 1970s

・A Café for Nocturnal Wanderers

・An Uzbekistan Wine Shop in Tokyo

・The French Restaurant as Culinary Cinema

・An Asian Night Market in a Tokyo Drinking Street 

・ Culinary Fusion in a Rising Culinary Neighborhood

・ The French Restaurant that Defined Nishiogi

・ Mama-san Made by the Community

・The Artisanal Restaurant Experience​
・A Bar Stool as Night School

・A Chinese Restaurant Mirrors a Generation of Immigrants

・Soba and Wine: Saving Food from the Foodies

・A Third Generation Taiwanese Restaurant

・A Bangladeshi Bar down Willow Alley

・Chicken Rice Dreams: Creating Ethnic Cuisine

・A Family Run "Neighborhood Chinese"

・"My Road" to South India

・A Bread Shop with a Past

・Reinventing Sake Tradition in Nishiogi

 From Ginsberg to Organic

Nishiogi Lovers Fest: Community Place Making 

Looking to Hire a Mochi Maker! 

The Bagel Artisans of Tokyo

The Sharing Economy in Nishi-Ogikubo

My Neighborhood Bistro

Community Building By and For the Elderly

A Taste of Multiple Migrations

"Bittersweet" Tastes of a Nishiogi Cafe

Couples-Night Mondays

“Nishiogi Donburi:” Writing the Community

A Tea Shop with Historic Flavor

A Place on the Chuo Line





















・仕事帰りに寄る実家 (こぎく2)



・天職の小料理屋の女 (こぎく1)












・ 最後の町中華屋で満腹になる

・ パンジャブのレストラン窓の遠景

・ 職人たちの夜の止まり木

・ 西荻の秘密基地‐「大人×童心」の世界

・ 西荻風融合料理を作る洋食屋

・  ​経営の秘密は夫婦のコンビネーション・ワーク

・  ​路地の飲屋街のコミュニティに溶け込む

・  ​母と娘で作る済州オンマの味

・  ​西荻の深夜中華食堂

・  ​昭和から続くメキシコ料理店

・  夜の旅人のカフェ

・  東京のウズベキスタンワイン店

・  シネマのように目でも楽しむフランス料理レストラン

・  アジアの夜市を戦後風情の「東京酒場」に導く














・日本酒の伝統を再生する酒屋 : 三ッ矢酒店